Assessment and Certification

Tests of Adult Basic Education (TABE)

The TABE assessment is an academic assessment that measures a person’s grade level in reading, mathematics, and language. A Preparing for the TABE (PDF) brochure is provided by the State of Florida for students and educators.

Who has to take the TABE assessment?

All persons entering Florida State College at Jacksonville’s adult education or workforce credit certificate programs are required to take the TABE. Waiver opportunities (PDF) are available for students entering workforce credit certificate programs.

When do I take the TABE assessment?

It depends upon the program you are entering. Persons desiring to enter Florida State College at Jacksonville’s adult education program should contact the nearest campus adult education program to make arrangements for the TABE assessment. Persons entering workforce credit certificate programs may schedule an appointment to take the TABE for the first time by contacting the nearest assessment and certification center.

Is there a fee for the TABE assessment?

There is no fee for the TABE assessment for those persons entering a Florida State College at Jacksonville adult education or workforce credit certificate program.

I need to take the TABE assessment for another school or agency. Is there a fee?

Yes. There is a $68 fee for the assessment. Please call the campus assessment and certification center nearest you for additional information. Nonstudents are required to follow the same state retesting guidelines as Florida State College at Jacksonville students.

How are the TABE assessment scores used?

TABE scores of adult education students are used to place them into an academic course that closely matches their current academic level. Upon completion of their coursework, many adult education student are then required to successfully complete a post-test.

Workforce credit certificate program students must meet the minimum academic TABE scores for their program prior to program completion.

Who sets the TABE scores for the adult education and workforce credit certificate programs?

The State of Florida with guidance from the federal government sets the TABE requirements for each adult education program and course. The State of Florida sets the TABE requirement of each workforce credit certificate program.

Can I retake the TABE assessment?

You may retest after (a) three months or (b) upon completion of 50 hours of documented instruction at a Florida State College at Jacksonville review class.

How do I prepare for the TABE assessment?

There are several opportunities to assist you in preparing for the TABE test:

  1. Go to the “Practice TABE Test” (PDF) as an excellent way to prepare the real test. Answers with explanations are provided at the end of the test.
  2. If you want more thorough practice materials, McGraw Hill has published an excellent test preparation book, “TABE: Test of Adult Basic Education; The First Step to Lifelong Success (Level A).” The book is on reserve in campus libraries and is for sale in the campus bookstore or at private bookstores.
  3. Review the materials pre and post materials on the Florida Department of Education website.
  4. A brief list of skills measured by the TABE is available on the TABE preparation Web page.

When will I get my TABE assessment results?

Adult education student scores are distributed at new student orientation or sent to the referring instructor. All other persons are given their score reports.

How do I get another copy of my scores?

There is a $5 fee for students and $10 fee for nonstudents to obtain a duplicate copy of TABE scores. Contact any assessment and certification center to make arrangements for a duplicate copy of your scores.

How long are my TABE scores good for?

Your TABE scores are good for two years at Florida State College at Jacksonville.

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