Online Degrees and Certificates

Florida State College at Jacksonville's online degree and certificate programs deliver learning right to you so you can further your education and career on your schedule.

FSCJ is partnering with Complete Florida to help make it easier for you to get started. Complete Florida can help you figure out what works best for you.

Florida State College at Jacksonville is proud to offer many of its degree and certificate programs online. That means you can further your education and career on your schedule, without being tied to time and place-based classes. Is midnight Tuesday a good time for you to logon to your class? How about working around your busy week by becoming a weekend scholar? If there is a course in your program of study you'd prefer to take in the classroom, you are free to do that also. The choice is yours.

Please note:  For students who place into developmental education (college preparatory) courses, only upper-level developmental education courses, including REA 0017, ENC 0025, and MAT 0028, are offered in a fully online format.  Entry-level developmental education courses (REA 0007, ENC 0015, MAT 0018) are offered in face-to-face or hybrid formats only.

Bachelor's Degrees

Associate Degrees



Most online courses require a textbook purchase. Read your course syllabus or check with your online instructor to find out the requirements for your class.