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Degrees & Certificates

Whether you want to work in a Fortune 500 company, provide health care, or take flight, FSCJ offers many different degrees and certificates that can increase your salary and open more doors than you could imagine. Is your goal a profession requiring a bachelor’s degree? Or, do you want to begin a new career in two years or less? Explore the many options available at FSCJ and then let us help you select the degree or certificate that best fits your objective.

Programs by Type

Bachelor's Degrees

With an associate degree you can advance to a bachelor’s degree at FSCJ. We offer Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.) and Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees in a variety of relevant and exciting areas. These upper-level degrees increase your knowledge and experience in your major area of study while providing the management, leadership, critical analysis and communication skills which will advance you professionally and enrich you personally. Our bachelor degrees are designed not only to give you an exceptional education, but also to provide a skilled workforce and meet the needs of our community. Also, because tuition costs at FSCJ are considerably less than you will find for a comparable education in the area, the money you save could go toward graduate school. 

Biomedical Sciences (B.S.)
Business Administration (B.S.)
Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications (B.A.S.)   
Converged Communications (B.S.)
Digital Media (B.A.S.)
Early Childhood Education (B.S.)
Financial Services (B.S.)
Human Services (B.S.) 
Information Technology Management (B.A.S.)
Logistics (B.A.S.)
Nursing (B.S.N.)
Public Safety Management (B.A.S.)
Supervision and Management (B.A.S.)

Bachelor's Degrees Home

Associate in Applied Science Degree

Associate in Arts/University Transfer Degree

Think of the Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree as your freshman and sophomore years of college. It encompasses all the general education requirements you will need to continue to a bachelor’s degree. You will begin to explore your major concentration of study and prepare for advancement to one of the excellent bachelor degrees offered at FSCJ, or transfer to another college or university in Florida and your earned A.A. degree guarantees acceptance. As a regionally accredited institution, FSCJ credits are accepted at colleges and universities throughout the U.S. and even internationally. We also have transfer agreements with several universities offering online degree programs.

FSCJ also offers an accelerated A.A. degree program option that can be completed in 18 months. Contact an Academic Advisor at (904) 997-2600 for more information.

Associate in Arts University Transfer Degree (A.A.)

Associate in Science Degrees

The Associate in Science (A.S.) degree gives you the option of completing your degree in two years and starting a career, or you can use your credits toward a bachelor’s degree as long as the general education prerequisites are met. Many of our A.S. degrees are designed specifically for seamless transition into one of our associated Bachelor of Applied Science or Bachelor of Science degrees.

Accounting Technology (A.S.)
Architectural Design and Construction Technology (A.S.)
ASL English Interpreting (A.S.)
Aviation Maintenance Management (A.S.)
Aviation Operations (A.S.)
Biomedical Engineering Technology (A.S.)
Biotechnology Laboratory Technology (A.S.)
Building Construction Technology (A.S.)
Business Administration (A.S.)
Cardiovascular Technology (A.S.)
Computer Information Technology (A.S.)
Criminal Justice Technology (A.S.)
Culinary Management (A.S.)
Dental Hygiene (A.S.)
Digital Media/Multimedia Technology (A.S.)
Early Childhood Management (A.S.)
Emergency Administration and Management (A.S.)
Emergency Medical Services (A.S.)
Engineering Technology (A.S.)
Environmental Science Technology (A.S.)
Fire Science Technology (A.S.)
Funeral Services (A.S.)
Health Information Technology (A.S.)
Histologic Technology (A.S.)
Hospitality and Tourism Management (A.S.)
Industrial Management Technology (A.S.)
Interior Design Technology (A.S.)
IT Security
Medical Laboratory Technology (A.S.)
Network Systems Technology (A.S.)
Nursing (A.S.)
Nursing (Bridge Option) (A.S.)
Occupational Therapy Assistant (A.S.)
Office Administration (A.S.)
Ophthalmic Technician (A.S.)
Paralegal Studies (A.S.)
Physical Therapist Assistant (A.S.)
Professional Pilot Technology (A.S.)
Radiation Therapy (A.S.)
Radiography (A.S.)
Radiography (Degree Completion) (A.S.)
Respiratory Care (A.S.)
Supply Chain Management (A.S.)
Theatre and Entertainment Technology (A.S.)

Technical Certificates

Technical Certificates give you all the technical training you will need to get to work quickly. A series of training courses within an A.S. degree, the technical certificate can be used to get the basic knowledge needed for a chosen profession and as the first step to an A.S. degree.

Accounting Technology Management (T.C.)
Accounting Technology Operations (T.C.)
Accounting Technology Specialist (T.C.)
Advanced Manufacturing (T.C.)
Air Traffic Control (T.C.)
Assessment and Safety Compliance Specialist (T.C.)
AutoCAD Foundations (T.C.)
Automotive Service Technician (T.C.)
Biotechnology Laboratory Specialist/Health Science (T.C.)
Biotechnology Specialist/Manufacturing (T.C.)
Business Management (T.C.)
Business Operations (T.C.)
Business Specialist (T.C.)
Chemical Laboratory Specialist (T.C.)
CNC Machinist (T.C.)
Computer Programming Specialist (T.C.)
Crime Scene Technician (T.C.)
Criminal Justice Technology Specialist (T.C.)
Culinary Arts (T.C.)
Database Development Specialist (T.C.)
Digital Media/Multimedia Production (Motion Graphics/3-D) (T.C.)
Digital Media/Multimedia Production (T.C.)
Digital Media/Multimedia Video Production (T.C.)
Drafting (T.C.)
Emergency Administrator and Manager (T.C.)
Emergency Medical Technician (T.C.)
Engineering Technology (T.C.)
Entrepreneurship (T.C.)
Environmental Science Technician (T.C.)
Fire Company Management (T.C.)
Florida Funeral Director (T.C.)
Food and Beverage Management (T.C.)
GIS Technician (T.C.)
Graphic Design Production (T.C.)
Guests Services Specialist (T.C.)
Hazardous Materials Specialist (T.C.)
Home Staging Specialist
Homeland Security and Management (T.C.)
Information Technology Analysis (T.C.)
Information Technology Management (Systems Administrator) (T.C.)
Information Technology Support Specialist (T.C.)
Logistics and Transportation Specialist (T.C.)
Mechatronics (T.C.)
Medical Information Coder/Biller (T.C.)
Office Management (T.C.)
Office Specialist (T.C.)
Office Support (T.C.)
Paralegal (T.C.)
Paramedic (T.C.)
Pneumatics, Hydraulics and Motors for Manufacturing (T.C.)
Radiation Therapy Specialist (T.C.)
Rooms Division Specialist (T.C.)
Scientific Workplace Preparation (T.C.)
Stage Technology (T.C.)
Water Quality Technician (T.C.)
Web Development Specialist (T.C.)

Workforce Certificates (non-credit)

Workforce Certificates are non-credit programs providing practical hands-on training in technical fields from auto repair to health care to electrician. All programs take less than two years and some can even be completed in eight weeks or less. Many programs include internship so you receive real working experience.

Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Technology (W.C.)
Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Technology I (W.C.)
Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Technology II (W.C.)
Aircraft Airframe Mechanics (W.C.)
Aircraft Powerplant Mechanics (W.C.)
Applied Welding Technologies (W.C.)
Automotive Collision Repair and Refinishing (W.C.)
Building Trades and Construction Design Technology (W.C.)
Carpentry (W.C.)
Carpentry I (W.C.)
Carpentry II (W.C.)
Child Care Center Operations (W.C.)
Commercial Foods and Culinary Arts (W.C.)
Commercial Vehicle Driving (W.C.)
Correctional Officer (W.C.)
Cosmetology (W.C.)
Crossover From Correctional Officer to Law Enforcement Officer (W.C.)
Dental Assisting (W.C.)
Early Childhood Education (W.C.)
Electricity (W.C.)
Facials Specialty (W.C.)
Family Child Care Training (W.C.)
Fire Fighter II (W.C.)
Florida Law Enforcement Academy (W.C.)
Global Logistics and Supply Chain Technology (W.C.)
Insurance Claims Adjuster (W.C.)
Insurance Customer Service Representative (W.C.)
Insurance General Lines Agent (W.C.)
Law Enforcement Officer (W.C.)
Life Insurance Marketing (W.C.)
Loan Originator (Mortgage Broker) (W.C.)
Massage Therapy (W.C.)
Medical Assisting (W.C.)
Medium and Heavy Duty Truck and Bus Technician (W.C.)
Office Assistant (W.C.)
Paramedic (W.C.)
Personal Lines Insurance (W.C.)
Pharmacy Technician (W.C.)
Practical Nursing (W.C.)
Real Estate Sales Agent (W.C.)
Surgical Technology (W.C.)

Alphabetical List of Programs

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C to D

E to H

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O to R

S to Z

Program Designations

(B.S.) Bachelor of Science

(B.A.S.) Bachelor of Applied Science

(B.S.N.) Bachelor of Science in Nursing

(A.A.) Associate in Arts

(A.A.S.) Associate in Applied Science

(A.S.) Associate in Science

(T.C.) Technical Certificate

(W.C.) Workforce Certificate (non-credit)



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