College Prep

The College Prep program at Florida State College at Jacksonville can help you succeed in your future college classes and build a strong foundation of reading, writing, and mathematics skills that are vital for the workplace.

Are you getting ready to take the College Placement Test?

Did you just take your College Placement test and discover that you will be enrolled in College Prep courses at Florida State College at Jacksonville?

Many students entering a degree-seeking program at Florida State College at Jacksonville need at least one course in the College Prep program. Typical students in the College Prep program include those who have been out of school for a while, or had other personal priorities while in high school (such as working or family responsibilities), and those for whom English is a second language.

Benefits of the College Preparatory Program

Florida State College at Jacksonville offers a college preparatory program for students who need assistance in mathematics, reading and writing, in order to prepare for college-level coursework. The college preparatory program, along with the Student Life Skills courses, is designed to help college preparatory students:

  • transition to college;
  • succeed in their program of study; and
  • access an academic skills refresher, especially for returning adult students who have been out of school for a period of time.

College Credit Entry Placement Testing

Course placement testing is required of all degree-seeking students in order to assist them with course selection. Non-degree-seeking students planning to take English, reading or mathematics must also be tested.

Florida State College at Jacksonville utilizes the College Placement Test (CPT). It includes subtests of English, reading and mathematics skills.

Florida State College at Jacksonville also accepts scores for the ACT and SAT. These scores may exempt students from further testing. Students should have an official copy of test scores sent to their campus assessment and certification center at least three weeks prior to registration for classes.

Additional information is available from any campus Assessment and Certification Center.

College Prep Courses

English Composition

  • ENC 0015 - Essentials in Writing I - Credit Hours: 4
  • ENC 0025 - Essentials in Writing II - Credit Hours: 4


  • MAT 0018 - Basic Mathematics - Credit Hours: 4
  • MAT 0028 - Elementary Algebra - Credit Hours: 4
  • MAT 1033 - Intermediate Algebra - Credit Hours: 4


  • REA 0007 - Reading Comprehension - Credit Hours: 4
  • REA 0017 - Critical Reading Strategies - Credit Hours: 4

Foundations of College Success

  • SLS 0005 - Foundations of College Success - Credit Hours: 4

For information about and availability of the courses listed above, visit the Open Class Keyword Search. You can also visit the Strategies for Success in College, Career and Life.