Explore biology, physics, chemistry and genetics; analyze bacteria cultures and DNA; and investigate sources of environmental pollution at FSCJ.

Imagine doing research that could cure a deadly disease, developing a super food that would reduce world hunger or discovering an alternative energy source to clean the air we breathe. These are the types of problems scientists are working on every day. Why not join them in their search for solutions to the world’s problem?

Are you fascinated by things that can only be seen through a microscope? Discover a whole new world with our Associate in Science degree in Biotechnology Laboratory Technology. Or maybe you’re concerned about creating a safer environment. Our Associate in Science degree in Environmental Science offers two specialties: Hazardous Materials or Environmental Assessment. Advance to our Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Sciences where you can choose an emphasis on either biological sciences or biochemistry. You will be prepared for a variety of science-related positions or to continue on to graduate or medical school.

Technical Certificates in Assessment and Safety Compliance Specialist, Biotechnology Laboratory Specialist, Chemical Laboratory Specialist, Hazardous Materials Specialist, Scientific Workplace Preparation and Water Quality Technician may be earned within the related degree programs or individually. At FSCJ, students will enjoy the ideal learning environment with intimate classrooms and state-of-the-art laboratories, exceptional faculty and affordable tuition with opportunities for financial aid or scholarships if qualified.

Available Degrees

The Biomedical Sciences B.S. program provides a hands-on laboratory based curriculum that prepares students for direct entry into analytical/research laboratories and health sciences.

The Biotechnology Laboratory Technology Associate in Science prepares students for a careers leading to scientific discoveries that help improve lives and the health of our planet.

The Associate in Science in Environmental Science Technology degree will provide students with the real-world training needed to become a leader in this important and recession-proof career.