Life Insurance Marketing (W.C.)

Life, health and variable annuities.

The Life Insurance Marketing Workforce Certificate is a state-approved 60-hour online or a blended three days in class- remainder online program that prepares you to take the Life, Health and Variable Annuities Agent’s State License Examination. This helpful course is an important first step in building your successful career in insurance and financial services.

Common use(s) of license: an individual representing an insurer as to life insurance and annuity contracts, including agents appointed to transact life insurance, fixed-dollar annuity contracts or variable contracts by the same insurer. Annuity contracts, including, but not limited to, fixed or variable annuity contracts, the granting of endowment benefits, additional benefits in event of death or dismemberment by accident or accidental means, additional benefits in event of the insured’s disability and optional modes of settlement of proceeds of life insurance. Representing a health maintenance organization or, as to health insurance only, an insurer transacting health insurance, insurance against loss through sickness or accidental bodily injury.

For additional information regarding prerequisites and steps to obtain the license, click here.

Program Code: 5726
Credential: FSCJ Workforce Certificate
Program Length: 60 contact hours
Start Date: Call for more information
Tuition and Fees: $175.20
Additional Costs: $25.00 application fee may apply
Textbook Costs: $38.75 + tax (online not req.)
Financial Aid Eligibility: Financial aid is not available.
Email: insurance@fscj.edu
Phone: (904) 317-3883