Adult Education

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Adult ESOL is a non-credit program that provides English language instruction to adult learners who are able to read and write in at least one language other than English.

With a focus on English reading, writing, speaking, listening, vocabulary, and grammar, ESOL prepares adult learners to use English for entering career and technical and/or postsecondary education, employment, and participation in the civic life in the United States. Florida State College at Jacksonville uses the CASAS, which tests students in the two skill areas of listening and reading, to determine the level for placement.

ESOL courses focus on the following topic areas: 1) Communication, 2) Civics, Family and Community Resources, 3) Employment, 4) Consumer Education, 5) Health and Nutrition, 6) Transportation and Travel, and 7) Safety and Security. Vocabulary and grammar competencies are intended to be taught simultaneously with the topic-based competencies. Instructional materials that are used in this course are designed for adult learners and at the proficiency levels of the students. Classroom activities that take into account a variety of learning styles are used.

Admission Requirements

  • Students must be a U.S. citizen or in a lawful immigration status.
  • Students must be 16 years or older.
  • Students may have earned a high school diploma, or equivalent, but require remediation to obtain employment or pursue postsecondary education.
  • Students must desire to learn to speak, read, and write the English language.


Contact the ESOL Office, Downtown Campus, (904) 633-8360